domingo, 21 de marzo de 2010

Insect eyes. Devendra♥

And each strand of her hair
is really insect eyes.
And each hole in her tongue
is always occupied.
By the milk of the sun
And each head on her head
is fields of gold wheat.
Where I'm lying on my back.
Where I'm falling asleep.
And each lash in her eye
is really white roots
And each line in her skin
is really red roots
And the neck her head's on
is a tunnel of dawn.
But darkness will come.
But darkness will come. For sure, it's gonna come.
And the breast on her chest. Is where I take my rest.
Is where I have my fun. Is where I have my fun.
And one long red nail. That shots from her toe.
Is tickling my blood. And shifting its flow.
And i'm always late, 'ways late. And i'm always late.
Yeah, i'm always late. Yeah, i'm always late.

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